One Kiss Then Another

Look the hell out:

Almost all of the videos address processes I didn’t understand in the seventies or don’t understand now. The idea that I might – or anyone might – learn a few things piqued my interest. Last week, I looked at two of the most basic videos about number placement value. When I say basic, I mean I was looking for Muppets.

You can see why I’m so excited. On one hand, I get this and I might have understood it as a five year old. On the other, this guy covers calculus and he’s cleared a path between the two. Were I to invest the time to watch one video per day for 2011, I might finish tenth grade math by next New Year’s Day. Or: I could finish first grade math, which would still be freaking HELPFUL, since I can’t add and subtract. HEY! I COULD LEARN HOW TO ADD AND SUBTRACT.

My tiny mind is boggled.


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