The Future Was Wide Open

Dear AOR Programming Managers,

For no reason anyone understands, you all do exactly the same thing over and over again: you start with a decent concept, make the mistake of hiring a bland, greasy content consultant and next thing you know you’re playing this:

  • Tom Petty
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Van Halen, both kinds
  • AC/DC
  • The Cars
  • Soon, your radio station circles the bowl and everyone wonders why when you started out with a great idea. Matt Pinfield’s station in New York is headed in this direction, bleating the dubious slogan, “The only rock station in New York playing new music.” This is a KILL ME NOW situation, programming managers, but that’s your problem, really. No, I’ve got another problem and it’s your blindness to 51% of the population. Programming managers, I’m sick to fucking death of songs describing violence against women.

    When I hear any of the following, I will change the station.

  • Possum Kingdom
  • Under My Thumb
  • Hey Joe
  • Plush
  • Jump Around
  • I Used To Love Her But I Had To Kill Her
  • Better yet, I might turn off the radio. Music is full of sex, which is great, and drugs, which is awesome, but I’m not going to listen to musicians rhapsodize about killing me and I’m not going to just get over it.

    Princess Ta


    One response to “The Future Was Wide Open

    1. Never mind that these stations always end up being the All Stairway To Heaven All The Fucking Time station. We have one up here — 107.1, up in Westchester. Started out great — new music and older stuff you haven’t heard 157 times. But about a decade later, here they are, with the same old, largely overrated, geezer bands — all A-sides, as they descend into decreasing suckitude.

      It would be one thing if they were playing Hot Tuna or stuff like that. But it DOES seem to be all Tom Petty and Springsteen and the inevitable Stairway to Heaven.

      Does anyone actually still want to listen to this stuff?

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