Mine And I Got To Get

New vocabulary words: mall alps.

Oh how I love the Alba Botanica Coconut Milk Face Wash. I buy them two at a time in case I have to turn another cheek or something. So sue me! Anyway, Pete and I were tooling around the cosmetics aisles of the health food store and I stumbled on the Alba Botanica Terra Tints. I love lip balm but it lacks glamor. Lipstick is hard to keep on winter chapped lips. I picked the two colors pictured and carried them around the store, since I pictured myself dropping them into the shopping cart, then chasing them around on the floor. That didn’t seem glamorous either. The manufacturer’s product description:

Six luscious, long-lasting lip colors, TerraTints will beautifully tint your lips with a natural translucent glow. Zinc oxide provides chemical free sun protection with SPF 8, while nourishing, organic coconut and olive oils soothe and moisturize. Calendula, echinacea and organic peppermint rejuvenate and restore for healthy lip care.

100% Mineral Colors
Chemical Free SPF


The two lip balms have completely different textures. The Blaze (above) has a moist, creamy texture and a wonderful peppermint fragrance. It comes off on coffee cups, which I absolutely loathe. The bronze (left) is hard and a little tricky to apply to dry lips, but the bronze color is much more natural looking and stays on lips better.

I like them both, but I’d like to try a third color – for SCIENCE. Then I’d have three! I’d recommend these lip balms for light makeup, low-kissing situations.


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