Sing To the Morning Light

Lovely Topaz, a bit under the weather.

The bad news is coming too fast for me.

James Goddamn O’Keefe.
Newt Fucking Gingrich, literally.

In other news, David Broder has gone to his reward. He was a dull villain. Though I don’t believe in Heaven with angels pling-plinging on harps or Hell other than a Monday morning at Motor Vehicle Services, I do hope poor Mr. Broder is buried in a tie-dyed t-shirt and a Nehru jacket.

Further, Chuck Schumer quit being a corporate whore for a whole day.

This morning, I should’ve gone back to bed. I mean, if you didn’t accidentally brush your teeth with Aspercreme, you’re miles ahead of me, brother. Hint: don’t do that, it is icky and you look for Allen Funt all day.

Ooh, if you see Mr. Funt, tell him to say hi to that dirty hippie David Broder.


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