No Anchovies, Please

Pete’s decided to make bagels from scratch, I kid you not. There’s dough resting in the fridge for some sort of crazy boiling and baking ritual tomorrow that he assures me will result in actual bagels. Until he announced that he would do this, I would have thought making your own bagels from scratch would have been just about as possible as my flying to the moon. So we’ll see what happens.

This afternoon, the extended family got together to spring a surprise birthday party for my sister Corinne at Corinne’s mother’s house two towns over. Pete and I drove over after we closed the family stores at 6 and found the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party-themed soire in full madness. The kids ran in every direction. The adults streamed from room to room for reasons unknown to me. At one point, half my family and a bunch of strangers piled into the basement. Pete and I sat on a couch in the dining room, perplexed, but from our perspective, it was a nice gesture, them leaving us alone with the colorful and enchanting dessert buffet. I should send them a card or something.

After an hour or so, we had to leave. The supermoon was rising, helicopters circled overhead and News12 New Jersey was mum about the cause. The fourth pass by the helicopter signaled an end to my socializing. I stepped between Pete and one of my nieces and pushed him out the front door, yelping something like, “The thing about leaving is that the going requires you actually go.”

Topaz is curled up on my left, one paw over her nose. Sweetpea snores and twitches on my right hip. Pete’s sitting in a chair, head back, eyes closed. I’m almost ready for sleep. Drusy alone hunts in the kitchen, eyes bright. She knows something. We may find out what in the morning.

2 responses to “No Anchovies, Please

  1. Bagels-I want his recipe. Especially if he boils the dough in lye. I have no idea how to do that safely, but if he does it, if he can pull this off and your esophagus does not, at the end of eating a bagel, turn into gelatin, I want to know how he did it. But I’m betting the water will just use dissolved baking soda. Alton Brown had a recipe for bagels, but I haven’t gone to the web site to get it and try it out. Here in Minneapolis, we have Bruegger’s Bagels, which are about as good as you’d expect from people who eat lutefisk. Whenever Mrs DBK and I return to the east coast, we bring back bagels and freeze them for those days when we want a bagel. I would like to make my own bagels and, if they turn out good enough, distribute a bunch of them around the neighborhood. I suspect that a REAL bagel would be a big hit in this area.

  2. Making bagels is sooo much fun. I did it years ago and loved it. And they tasted so good. Chewy and dense and just yummy.

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