Get No Kick In A Plane

Horoscopically speaking, chaos reigns today. Perhaps that explains why my cats appear to be stalking the stove. Of course, they’re not actually stalking the stove, but chaos will surely reign in my house if mice have taken up residence in my kitchen. Oh the beauty of Nature! Oh the ugliness of sweeping up the mangled corpses of tiny interlopers. That story is sure to end well!

Pete’s had a cold all week. My tax refund arrived so I paid bills and this week, I’ll buy savings bonds for all the kids in my family. Years ago, when my sisters and brother started adding children to the fold at the same time I was forgetting things like my own name I gave up on buying gifts and skipped straight to two savings bonds apiece for each kid every year: for a birthday and Christmas. Sure, I look like a fuddyduddy in the here and now. Can’t be helped! Someday, though, I’m going to like a righteous old broad who knew college kids gotta eat.

You heard me: in my crystal ball, I see my blood relatives tipping the pizza guy. He probably hasn’t been born yet.

Anyway, in March and early April, I pay the bills I couldn’t afford if they came during a different season. Insurances. AAA. Costco membership. It’s not glamorous like a big vacation or stupid like blowing it in Atlantic City, but this annual ritual allows me to live a relatively stable life on a tiny state job paycheck. Chaos happens. Stability takes some work.

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