And She Almost Knocked Me Dead

Ever see a round jar stand in heroic profile?

Last night, I sliced and macerated rhubarb. Today, I made rhubarb-sage preserves from the recipe on Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking. Today, I picked and chopped sage leaves, which I added to the pan of sugary rhubarb and some lemon juice. It was raining, so I simmered and stirred a little more patiently than I might have on a sunny day. I cheated a bit and sprinkled in some powdered ginger. The batch in the pot seemed very small, yet it filled four 4 oz. jars and one jar for us to sample because what if it’s not delicious BUT IT IS! It’s bright and not too sweet and unbelievably easy to make and not at all a production. I’m giddy!

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