Don’t Say That You Love

A little while ago, Topaz did this strange thing where she started chirping oddly. Topaz talks a lot and pretty clearly for a person disguised as a 6lb. black cat, so I asked her what was going on.

Tata: Hey, Topaz, what’s going on?

Topaz chirped, bounded in a circle and went to the bottom of the stairs. Pete caught on.

Pete: Open the doors upstairs. Drusy’s locked inside somewhere.

When I opened the third door, Drusy gave me a look like my necklace was in her cosmo and sailed downstairs to the living room. That’s how long it took her to forgive me, but it was a painfully long fifteen seconds. It’s your turn to forgive me. I’ve got a project to prepare. You’ll see it soon. For the moment, know that I still find you captivating.

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