Belong To Me And Ease My Mind

What's in your Gustav Klimt yarn bag? Mine is nearly empty.

Kind of weird, but I’m nearly out of yarn. I’d say I have about one more blanket’s worth of yarn after the blanket I’m working on. It’s an exciting turning point in the project. Pete’s all atwitter because I’ll finally have a chance to sort out and move out the last of my friend’s friend’s late mother’s odd possessions, which have been gathering dust in a clean corner of the basement. Further: I’m really looking forward to cleaning and reorganizing the pantry shelves. Last weekend, I emptied some messy cabinets in the kitchen and threw out everything I couldn’t re-use. I’m preparing to work every weekend on jarring and canning and to learn as much as I can. There’s room for fun in all this churning and driving: Pete’s going to put up sorbets every weekend. On a sweltering afternoon, a scoop of crisp, homemade fruit sorbet in a glass of seltzer can be positively dreamy.

2 responses to “Belong To Me And Ease My Mind

  1. Last week I didn’t have work, so I started to wade through the kitchen cabinets. I figured if I haven’t used it in a decade, maybe it’s time to find a new place for it to live. I finished under the sink and around the fridge. I no longer have anything on top of my fridge, and I’m absurdly happy about this. I didn’t finish the top of the kitchen cabinet like I wanted, because the dog died and I ran out of time. But soon my pretty, I will tackle this.

    I think you may yet get more yarn from somebody, and if not, when I get another paycheck I’ll see what I can do.

  2. This weekend I lay tile for the first time ever. I’m looking forward to a complete disaster. Should be fun.

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