Stumble You Might Fall

As diagrams go, this one provides bad guidance.

Today, we visited Sweetpea at the vet’s office. She appeared dazed, but looked much better than yesterday. Her fur was smooth and almost pink again. It took her a few minutes to trust us and accept me. When she purred again, finally, I felt hopeful. We forced her to eat tiny spoonfuls of baby food; afterward, she nestled into the crooks of my arms but did not purr. I asked the vet if she would survive this episode. He burst out enthusiastically: she’s doing very well, she’s a day or two from going home. I nearly collapsed with relief. We steeled ourselves and left her with the people who care for her in ways we can’t, but soon, we will bring her home to our happier house.

4 responses to “Stumble You Might Fall

  1. Oh my gosh. Been out of town dealing with my own family emergency and haven’t seen your site in a while. I’m so glad she’s coming around and getting better.

  2. The folks are all right. Dad got home from the hospital Saturday. There may be more treatments to come, but he got through the biggest one. 89 and tough as nails, my old man. And my mom is a force of nature.

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