Moving Is This Message

Tata: Remember that time we were watching Trading Spaces and Hildi brought in cardboard furniture? I said, “Fire hazard” and you said, “I hope that’s industrial cardboard.”
Siobhan: Hildi is evil and I’m still afraid she might touch me. Remember that room with hay on the walls?
Tata: Even memory loss won’t protect me from that. So what’s this about high end cat furniture?
Siobhan: Buckle up, baby!

Oh, for fuck’s sake.

Cardboard cat holder: $320.

Cardboard cat holder: $49.

Cardboard cat holder: $54.

4 responses to “Moving Is This Message

  1. Decorating a cathouse is about all Hildi is good for. How about the time she decorated a kitchen with wine labels even though the owners were Southern Baptists and adamantly against alcohol (and clearly embarrassed and upset with the room at the end of the show)? Or the time she nailed all those vinyl records to the walls? That woman deserved to live in utter decorating ignominy forever.

  2. I liked the wine labels – for someone else. The records were really cool – for someone else. Hildi’s technique is a little imprecise in its location, if nothing else.

  3. I once helped decorate a bar with records on the wall. It worked really well in an entertainment area.

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