Faster Than My Bullet

Sean’s been playing these two songs on Altrok Radio. I listen to Altrok all day at work and mostly pay attention to my work. Now and then, a song grows on me like a thing that – uh – grows a lot. I recognize this has happened when I stop what I’m doing to find out artists and titles. This week, I was surprised to like two songs like things I really – uh – like a lot.

The video does this dark, perky song no favors. The boys do nothing for me. The song, though, is fresh and interesting, yet recalls the underground New Wave stuff of about 1983. Also good: when I looked up the lyrics – because I have a short attention span – I knew instantly middle aged people would find themselves humming this in dentists’ office without the slightest hint of what it was about and that is ACES.

This song is more complex, for one thing: you have little more than your imagination to work with, but please do give it a try:

I looked up the lyrics because – right – no attention span. It’s about the breakup so bad you know you might die. In classical dream imagery, losing one’s teeth is dreaming one’s death; the writer knows that. Points for smarts! Where else does this song score? Points for reminding us of Joan Armatrading; points for those high, clear piano notes reminiscent of Bronski Beat’s Smalltown Boy; points for surviving long enough to record a decent pop song! The trying trying trying phrases sound like the tortured fever dream songs out of London in the early eighties, so once again: middle aged people will be humming in dentist offices without a clue. I love surprises.

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