Seek the Roses Along the Way

Write a post. Erase a post. Write a post. Erase it. Write one. Scrub it out. It’s been tough to find words for the depths of cravenness and stupidity we see here:

Sweeney has strong words for Christie

Do you get that popping in your ears and a spinny woo-woo when the barometric pressure drops? This is a lot like that.

Senate President Stephen Sweeney went to bed furious Thursday night after reviewing the governor’s line-item veto of the state budget.

He woke up Friday morning even angrier.

“This is all about him being a bully and a punk,” he said in an interview Friday.

“I wanted to punch him in his head.”

Sweeney had just risked his political neck to support the governor’s pension and health reform, and his reward was a slap across the face. The governor’s budget was a brusque rejection of every Democratic move, and Sweeney couldn’t even get an audience with the governor to discuss it.

“You know who he reminds me of?” Sweeney says. “Mr. Potter from ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’ the mean old bastard who screws everybody.”

That is an adult speaking. I feel now the same way I felt each time a member of the Bush Administration said, “Nobody could have foreseen [insert completely predictable catastrophe.]”

Yes, that’s it, except without the corpse on the pool table. See, when you’re stupid and venal, you assume everyone else is too. You may not realize that some people see through you, see what you’re doing and see how it will end. Sweeney’s saying a few things at the same time here, all of which may be open to blistering comic interpretation, but one thing is not: Sweeney expects sympathy and forgiveness for his part in the life-changing disaster that he engineered.

Because he thinks we are stupid and venal.

Because his nature is to be unable to see anyone that isn’t, he has caused suffering that will unfold for decades to come for one in seven people living in the State of New Jersey.

I guess the joke’s on us.

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