You Will Know That I’m Here

Beets are sexay.

By the way: fuck you, Oak Park, Michigan, you dinosaur, you relic.

After her front yard got dug up for sewer line maintenance, Julie Bass decided to put in raised vegetable beds instead of reseeding the lawn. It was awesome – the neighborhood kids helped out, everyone got to see where their food came from, the Bass family got fresh cheap produce. Your basic home gardening idyll. But then some disgruntled neighbor, maybe someone who didn’t get enough free tomatoes, ratted Bass out to the city of Oak Park, which has rules about what kind of vegetation is allowed in front yards. When Bass wouldn’t move the beds, the city slapped her with a ticket and a misdemeanor charge. Bass is demanding her right to a trial – and if the city wins, she could legally get up to 93 days in jail.

With any luck, Julie Bass will sue Oak Park into well-deserved extinction.

2 responses to “You Will Know That I’m Here

  1. One of the people in our town bought a house that had been used as a business for a few years prior – their front lawn had been paved for the business parking lot. So instead of getting rid of the paving, they installed raised beds on most of the paved area (they still park their own car there).

    We have horseradish in our front lawn. Looks like a decorative bush, but oh so tasty.

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