To Be Brave Save

I hate crowds.

Sometimes I think the stupid thoughts. Sure, I pass for smart, but now and then a dumb idea pops up with every bit of the surprise and seeming eurekosity of an inspired notion. Recently, I had one of those dumb ideas: I’m having a great time and learning a lot about jarring and food in general; why don’t I help other people jar? That doesn’t seem like a dumb idea, does it? If I had a time machine, I’d go back about two months and smack myself in the forehead.

Two of my co-workers expressed interest in learning. We set up a date and took vacation days, but they had meetings, canceled and went to work. I jarred two cases of peaches, which was in no way regrettable. They postponed until today, but I told them that if they wanted to do this they should order the peaches. Yesterday, they were both out of the office, but both told me after I left work they had a meeting today – which, presumably was planned – and could we do this in the evening or something? If I had to guess, I would surmise that no one ordered cases of peaches, so they knew we would not be doing food work today, but neither said anything. Leek stock is simmering, sage and cranberry compound butter is setting up in the fridge, pickles, roasted red pepper spread and spiced honey rest in jars; that’s what I did with my second vacation day. I believe my co-workers did not intend to insult me, but I also think I’d have to be pretty stupid to take a third vacation day to work with them. Also: they will be surprised I’m steamed and think spending time with them is a dumb idea.

One response to “To Be Brave Save

  1. Sorry I never got back to you about canning…but even before the hurricane struck I was trying to dig out of eight months of hardly doing any housework. I mean, we’re talking serious I-need-Niecy-Nash territory here.

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