What It Don’t Get I Can’t Use

Loseriffic comments from YouTube:

If you run up unnecessary costs on banks, they’ll pass them on to consumers. They won’t stop lobbying congress. They’ll cut jobs before that, they’ll raise fees before that. I would have thought this was a super cool stick-it-to-the-man move in high school. But it’s not. It’s a waste of resources and time.


In this case, the back of the cave is decorated up right purty, has nice curtains with really cute fringe. tinybones is a prisoner of tinybones, not the banks.

Yeah, like a CEO is gonna worry about this. All they’ll do is get rid of the envelopes making poor people pay an extra $.050 or so to mail their bills. Do you really think banks are that stupid? If you want to get a executives attention, this won’t do it. Any action that adds costs to consumer items in the end only punishes the 99%.


Aparently guipiwan has never heard of credit unions, community banks and electronic billpay. The system’s rigged, man! Let’s go serfing now! Everybody’s learning how!


The guy is telling people to commit mail fraud and pretty much has screwed himself as now he’s posted evidence to have him charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and other charges. Not smart as its a felony.

Mail fraud: Reach any fraudulent scheme or artifice to intentionally deprive another of property or honest services with a nexus to mail or wire communication.

While I think the banks are dirty and that there is a need for OWS to continue to grow, this isnt the way.


No. This is not mail fraud. This is simple business reply mail. It says that in the envelope’s upper right hand corner. The business has asked you a question. You are sending an answer. Thanks for the gumball, Mickey!

Booo. While initially funny, the underlying message is scary and sad. People like this need to stop playing the victim and get a life. You think the mail clerk is gonna do shit with a shingle? He’s gonna throw it in the trash. Stop protesting things that have already happened (lets do a protest against past wars, why don’t we) and propose some solutions. Most of the people protesting have no business doing so anyway.


Injustice bugging you? Oligarchs up your ass? Get over it! You weren’t using your ass anyway, were ya, whiner?

Omigod, morons are EVERYWHERE. Meanwhile, I stopped at the little old man’s cramped but homey hardware store and bought my new set of tools. I’ve been sending back envelopes to the women’s orgs with nine pennies and a note that says I WILL NEVER GIVE YOU ANOTHER DIME, and to the DCCC I’ve sent testy manifestos, but from now on, it’s shims and shiny words.

Crime-fighting kit and critical thinker Topaz.

A little direct action is good for what ails us.

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