A Rose In A Fisted Glove

Tamales are a bit of an undertaking, no trouble at all and completely worth the work.

I needed a weekend offline after I got into it on Facebook with an otherwise liberal dude about abortion. At this point, I’m beyond sick of otherwise liberal dudes, and wish they would drop all pretense of decency and wear their He Man Woman Haters Club stripes on the outside instead of on their Underoos. Anyway, I needed peace in my house, and banana leaves.

Now I’m out of banana leaves.

4 responses to “A Rose In A Fisted Glove

  1. “otherwise liberal dudes,” lol.

    My fix on abortion is that it always has the potential to be sad, and perhaps is inherently sad, and ideally would never have to happen – but that I really have no interest in any dude’s opinion, semi-liberal or otherwise, as to what I should do with my vagina and related parts. Zero tolerance.

    Banana leaves, not just corn husks? Who knew?

    And how can something be a bit of an undertaking and yet no trouble at all? This sounds like something a dude would write about something a woman was cooking.

    My version of this last night was to buy half a chicken breast, cook it in water on low until cooked, shred it, set aside.

    Sautee a diced red onion and some diced fresh peppers. I like a poblano, a jalapeno, and some red bell.

    Parboil maybe eight or ten ounces of tomatillos.

    Mince some garlic, mix it with the chicken, also add some cumin, oregano, and black papper. Add this to the onion and peppers. Cook on low a bit more.

    Smash the tomatillos, reserve the innards. Chop the skins, remove the little stem part. Add to the innards. Dice about half a bunch of cilantro. Add that to the tomatillos. Add some of the water from cooking the tomatillos.

    Add this to the sautee mix after it has cooked for a little bit to get the garlic & spices set. Stir this all around some. Let it simmer a bit. Salt to taste.

    Heat some corn tortillas. I have a little covered casserole dish that works great as a tortilla warmer.

    Voila! soft tacos. Serve with grated jack cheese. This can be a little drippy but I likes. Helps if one lives where people make good tortillas and sell them in the grocery store. Also one is left with some chicken broth and tomatillo broth that will be handy for soup.

    Tamales really are an entirely different animal, though. Maybe I’ll learn to make tamales one of these days. Baby steps.

  2. Also, I have this great idea I have been thinking about for a long time.

    Guys should be routinely encouraged to undergo castration, if they don’t want to have kids. They can then be sort of semi-randomly prescribed hormones by the docs, so they can still be sexy.

    That way, women won’t have to worry about unwanted pregnancies anymore, and we can still have sex with men. I mean, what’s not to like? Win-win!

  3. And how can something be a bit of an undertaking and yet no trouble at all? This sounds like something a dude would write about something a woman was cooking.

    Actually, it sounds like something I’d say, which is why I said it. Funny that.

    The thought occurs that men are – almost uniformly – fully human in many of the same ways women are. I know. Work with me here: if I reject the idea that anyone controls my hot patootie, I think I also have to reject the idea that I control anyone else’s. But I’m also an excellent shot.

    Do you make your own tortillas? Aren’t you allergic?

  4. I agree, but after the history of pre-emptive hysterectomies and HRT-related health issues, some dire, that women have suffered, I figure we’ve earned the right to post ironic comments on the Internet.

    I don’t make my own tortillas because I can get really good ones still warm, at La Tienda Thriftway. I live near Mexico. These ladies know what they’re doing.

    I have gluten intolerance issues but I tolerate corn well enough to do corn tortillas now and then. Plus they are made with lime and I figure I can use the calcium.

    I was aware that it was your comment, not some guy’s. No offense intended. I have a weird sense of humor.

    Thanks for writing back.

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