Search the Clouds For A Star To Guide Us

Representative Steve King (R-Magical Thinking) either doesn’t believe contraception prevents conception or will say any goddamn thing a man in a dress tells him:

“The objection that the Catholic Church and I have to the morning after pill,” King told MSNBC’s Martin Bashir, “is because it ends the life of an unborn baby.”

[…] BASHIR: As you know, sir, the contraceptive pill doesn’t abort a pregnancy. It prevents a pregnancy from happening. That’s not what I’m talking about…

KING: Well, I really don’t concede that. And that’s not either the Catholic Church’s position.

It doesn’t matter what his position is nor what position the Catholic Church takes; neither has any bearing on what the morning after pill actually does, including the secondary effect of getting these bastards out of our bedrooms.

He’s entitled to his delusions; we are entitled to discuss them and what they mean to our lives. Please pass his words on in the hope that they will follow him all his douchebag days.

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