Never Believe It’s Not So

Want a good laugh? Go to the women’s bathing suit section of a large department store, throw your winter clothes on the floor and tell the flummoxed salesperson you need a simple bathing suit for physical therapy.

I double dog dare you.

3 responses to “Never Believe It’s Not So

  1. I was thinking of that song whoa ho ho its magic , you know, never believe its not so, just as I stumbled onto your page, with never believe its not so on the top, how spooky is that. anyways I enjoyed reading it so thankyou.

  2. Truly a sign you’re supposed to be here, like finding a parking space directly in front of the liquor store. Well, cozy up, dahhhhhlink, and tell us about your plans to change the world.

  3. I always feel the need to document that the song mentioned above was by a group named “Pilot”. A lot of people mistakenly think that it was ELO.

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