That’s What It’s All About

Last night, I took off all my jewelry ahead of today’s MRI. No, I did not use bolt cutters. Yes, I feel weirdly naked. On the bright side, I’m probably less explosive.

If they do get it, I'm sure there's a cream for that.

2 responses to “That’s What It’s All About

  1. What part of everything that is wrong with everything that those who cannot understand the endless thing about the inability to understand, cannot be comprehended.

    It is always like that. I am so lonely, tata.

    Please send my most excellent teasing snuggle smooches to Topaz.

    I loved the window photo.

  2. That is simply where everyone else ends and you begin. It is not a problem. You are most simply you.

    Topaz thanks you. She is perched on the dining room table, where she has made a nest in my car insurance papers. They’re obviously important enough for her to beautify with her beautiful beautifulness.

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