If I Should Call You Up Invest

I seldom know what day it is, but this morning, I saw my neighbor putting out his recycling and knew that guy was a little lost. This week, I’m off work, but having trouble relaxing. On Monday, I made my cousin the yoga teacher nervous, which was funny but made me wonder if I’d lost my subtle touch. Tomorrow, I have an appointment with my cousin the hairdresser and I hope to be delightfully chill, because Gin & Tonic Season opens in just a few weeks and I know those two are tighter than Oprah’s Spanx. They will talk about me!

After all this time, I am thinking about finishing an undergraduate degree. It would take years. Maybe none of my many credits from years ago would still be any good. So much has changed in Hebraic Studies, Art History and English Literature that I might have to start from scratch. That would be too much for me, if I’m realistic about it. Still, it would be amusing to spend the rest of my working life collecting credits and degrees like they would somehow matter while memory loss busily wipes the chalkboard clean.

The first step would be asking the university what I would have to do. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

One response to “If I Should Call You Up Invest

  1. Funny you should bring that up. Lately I’ve been thinking I want a doctorate. It would take me long enough that I could be retired by the time I got it. Then I could be the doctor who always sleeps late.

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