Don’t Fool With Fools Who Turn

DIY projects are fantastic,cheap fun until you become obsessed with good gear. Not to worry, though, because no matter how bizarre your interest, someone got there first and figured out how to make a tool you will only use once while your credit card is still smoking. My mother’s grandmother made braided rag rugs that interest me now as artifacts of a time when no one could afford to waste anything. I’ve been pondering that some.

  • People make knitted bathmats out of cut up t-shirts.
  • People make yarn to knit with out of strips of fabric they scavenge from torn or old fabric.
  • To knit with fabric yarn requires the largest needles available, probably size 50.
  • More than 10 fabric stitches fall off size 50 needles.
  • And next thing you know, you’re here.

    It’s the personality crisis your therapist won’t see coming. Or going.

    Believe it or not, I am considering buying those. My brain is full of soda bubbles: this is not thrifty. This is the opposite of thrifty! But this old-fashioned gadget might be a very thrifty tool for turning out cat blankets a whole lot faster.

    One response to “Don’t Fool With Fools Who Turn

    1. I’m working on crocheting a rag rug out of denim. You can actually use an old toothbrush, but I decided to splurge on a crochet hook.

      This is doable without a sewing machine, just cut slits in the ends of the strips and knot them together.

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