Drinking Heavy Water From A Stone

Daria: We’re leaving for Geneva tomorrow on Sandro’s birthday. Tonight, we’re having his favorite pizza and cake. Tomorrow, there’ll be leftover pizza and cake. He’ll have guilt-cake every day we’re gone.
Tata: So when you get home, he’ll be sullen and fat. And you’re just as bad a mommy as when I left for Ecuador on Miss Sasha’s birthday!
Daria: Hooray! I’m only the World’s Second Worst Mommy since you did it first!
Tata: Hooray! When is your flight?
Daria: We arrive in Geneva on Saturday after two nights in London.
Tata: You’re going to London tomorrow? Are you out of your mind?
Daria: Yeah, Laura said that yesterday. You guys are going to London during the Olympics? We looked at each other and said, Hunh.
Tata: You. Did not know. About the Olympics.
Daria: Yep, that’s what happens when you don’t watch TV.
Tata: If Dad were still alive he’d die laughing.

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