You’re Out Of Touch I’m Out Of Time

Blackberry jam, blackberry barbecue sauce. I know: they looked like Hall & Oates to me, too!

We’re jarring tomato sauce today, fourteen quarts so far. In related news, it’s unbelievably glamorous that my clothes have been stuck to my back since lunchtime.

4 responses to “You’re Out Of Touch I’m Out Of Time

  1. Speaking of food, a weekend in St Louis has learned me that not all the Midwest food culture is as desolate as that of Minnesota. Bogart’s Smoke House rocks.

  2. Loved St Louis. Caught a Cardinals game, ate at some great places (Niche was excellent), saw the Gateway Arch and the Western Expansion Museum, both of which are awesome, and generally had a fine time. I sure did go to Missouri on purpose. I have been in Minnesota for over four years now, a place where the people are allegedly “nice”. They aren’t nice here at all. They are passive-aggressive as hell and largely pretty stupid. The people in Missouri were nice in a sincere way. It was so refreshing, I got depressed immediately upon rturning to this shithole called “MinneSOOta”.

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