Red Red Roses Pinks And Posies

Labeling the jars is my least favorite job, but it’s not like you can ask them to travel incognito.

Yesterday, two little boys’ bodies were pulled out of the river by the Albany Street Bridge. I bicycled through paralyzed traffic as the police cordoned off the northbound pedestrian lane and stared over the edge. No one was directing cars one way or another. A police photographer walked deliberately across Route 27 on the bridge. One of the younger cops saw me at the foot of Raritan Avenue trying to trace a path between police vans and did not yell at me. The grim expression on his face told me everything. Well, almost everything, because there were no ambulances. Helicopters circled above us for hours afterward.

I am having a little trouble shaking this off.

2 responses to “Red Red Roses Pinks And Posies

  1. Lots of people think those people should be summarily executed. What’s interesting to me is that if they are captured and not sentenced to execution, the rest of the prison population will endeavor to take care of this little task for the rest of us. Even if the short-eyes are kept in separate quarters, they are at a fair amount of risk for rough justice.

    I hope they find whoever did this, Tata, and soon. No mercy. People who do this kind of thing are not people anymore. They are more like zombies. Even the ones who don’t murder their victims kill something inside of them, something about trust, intimacy, and autonomy.

  2. It seems like the boys might have been playing near the river and got in over their heads. This kind of accident is just painful for the community as a whole.

    Thank you, Miep.

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