Sarcasm In the Classroom

Early this morning, I poured five or six ounces of kibble into a bowl for the outside cats. Around noon, I went out to turn over the compost pile and found the kibble bowl empty and a one cent coin from the Netherlands next to it. That coin was not there this morning. Perhaps our squirrel overlords have decided to pitch in.


Yesterday, I blanched, peeled and pitted a case of yellow peaches and stored them in a citrus preserving liquid until I could jar today. I may do one more case of peaches and call it a day. Apple season is starting and I don’t want to miss raspberries.

Obviously, the penny on the right came from the Netherlands. How it came to rest between my compost heap and back porch? Ya got me there.

4 responses to “Sarcasm In the Classroom

  1. Tell your cats to stay clear of those Dutch cats. Their postmortem activities include getting made into helicopters. This is not a fitting end for Egyptian goddesses.

  2. They recently took the Lincoln Memorial off the back of the US penny. I don’t know when this happened or why. I liked the Lincoln Memorial on the back of the penny. What kind of country is this?

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