2 responses to “When I Could Wear A Sunset

  1. I really appreciate your blog posts, they are are so sweet.

    My foster shelter kitties in the other house, the cat house, are doing all right. I am happy to have saved their little sneezing butts. They had to have a fosterer, or death. Yay me!
    They are getting better and at least mostly will be having all their med stuff done and set up for adoption at PetSense. That chain gives space for shelter animals free of charge. They rock for that!

    They will all have all of their spays and neuters and shots done first, courtesy of the roving Santa Fe Pet Medical Van. They will be down here early November.

    My dogs are in my other house, the sleep and blog house. The kitties are in the kitchen house.

    These houses are both beat, but it is wonderful! I have all of these wonderful cat and dog people to live with!

    Sure, it would be nice to have humans, too. But we accepts what is offerred.

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