You Look Into the Future Never

To save what remains of what’s passing for my sanity, I would like to spend future September 11ths picking raspberries and baking bread, unless the Mayans were right and this time next year we’re nothing but space dust. I mean, imagine our chagrin then.

3 responses to “You Look Into the Future Never

  1. I kind of go back and forth. Some days I hope that the world is destroyed in December just because it means the bank gets stuck for the remainder of my mortgage and Mark Zuckerberg will be just as destroyed as the rest of us and wanting more time to do things like the ratatouille I made tonight, which was just freaking fantastic! Yes, I make ratatouille good enough to save the world.

  2. Be comforted my dears. We ARE star dust. All that we see, everything in the electromagnetic word, was squeezed together and then spit out of massive clouds of hydrogen and helium that forced their molecules together because of their enormous mass creating gravity, because stars are simply molecule factories and colliders. Those molecules collected in billions of places into planets and from that point on, the rest was inevitable. Contrary to the beliefs of the religious, life was not a “random accident”, but an inevitable consequence of the multiverse. Brian Greene could explain this better, but rest assured, we are stardust. It’s all physics.

    Oh, and there are many additional dimensions in which things happen that we don’t know about, so when something seems to be there when it was never there before, you aren’t crazy. It became visible in the electromagnetic is all that happened.

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