Blue And Sea of Green

Photo by Bob Hosh, taken at Longwood Gardens.

Photo by Bob Hosh, taken at Longwood Gardens.

Friend of Poor Impulse Control Lorraine Doran has published Phrasebook for the Pleiades, which you should buy not just because she is our friend and a fellow traveler, but because it is freaking wonderful. Her poems are as clear as broken glass and her language is every bit as sharp and full of surprises. It’s not an expensive risk, and if you love it, the reward is tremendous. Hope you’ll pick up a copy.

5 responses to “Blue And Sea of Green

  1. Pfft, my pleasure. You give a lot and don’t ask for much.

    The poetry book sounds neat. I recently bought a book at the request of another wordpress blogger and wound up reviewing it on Goodreads, which was surprisingly easy to do. My immediate reaction was to decide to devote myself to book reviewing, but only in a positive way. Like I’m not about to publickly trash some poor person for not quite getting writing.

    I have impulses. But Goodreads does make it easy, and I do like easy.

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