Many Fantasies Were Learned On That Day

Awhile back, my stepsister Anya was talking and I was sort of half-listening because – shaaaa! – when I suddenly heard something worth hearing. It was like, “Blah blah blah that’s like my aunt says, ‘Why would anybody use a brownie mix when they’re so easy to make from scratch?'” I filed that idea away: brownies are not just easy to make, but super-easy. I almost wish I’d been listening, although that would have involved effort or something.

Still hot, like me.

Still hot, like me.

Today is my birthday and, for my birthday, I decided to learn how to make brownies from scratch. The old Joy Of Cooking has a few pages on brownies and the steps looked pretty simple, so I dragged out the cupcake pan and gave it a go. It’s easy! It’s like suddenly having a new magic power! Why the cupcake pan? you ask. Because with great power comes great responsibility, like knowing to stop eating these delicious things after a modest five or six.

2 responses to “Many Fantasies Were Learned On That Day

  1. Happy Birthday, Tata! That’s funny that you never made brownies before, considering how many culinary projects you engage in otherwise. They look delicious.

    I once found a recipe for pecan squash bread that did not work at all, so I fooled around with it and changed it until I realized I’d reinvented muffins. And it was good.

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