Looking Up I Noticed I Was

For years, I’ve been saying I don’t understand why I’m not slim, since I dream I’m exercising almost every night. In fact, it took a long time to realize I was dreaming it. Last night, I caught me at it: I dreamed I was lying on my stomach, reading and touching my feet down just over my head, over and over. It was very satisfying to touch my toes down, then heels to the floor, then to roll down and roll back up.

She looks fit and isn't me.

She looks fit and isn’t me.

All day, I thought about the sensations and pored over pictures on Google Images to find something close to what I was doing and seeing. The image of this woman is the closest I could come, though I have no idea who see is and can’t credit her unless she contacts me; I hope she does. It was lovely to visit with my young, bendy body in the dream. Tonight, I want to take it dancing.

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