Here We Manufacture Dreams

The garden was planted, then the squirrels dug up everything but the garlic. Pete and I put up a chicken wire Flora Fortress two weekends ago. Most of the lacerations have finally healed! The garden is replanted, life goes on.

Tata, plant a thing!

Blank canvas.

This afternoon, I seeded three more big planters. Almost every inch of space available to me in my postage stamp-sized yard has something planted in it or growing out of it. I sit on the top step of the back stairs, looking at the garden, waiting for an idea, looking for something I haven’t seen before. I am never disappointed. At the university, I’m taking a class in small-scale organic farming and learning a great deal of useful information. For instance, I had never heard anyone say you should plant seeds no deeper than the size of the seed below the soil surface, but that is considered the best practice. Did you know you can’t grow a single blueberry bush, they need friends? I came home from class and put two blueberry bushes next to the one that was doing absolutely nothing. I could go on!

No matter what, though: you still plant, you water and wait, worry and protect. I am not patient! Little plants, listen to your mama: GROW.


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