6 responses to “And We Are All Together

  1. I don’t know if I still have your email addy. I’ll look for it.

    No, definitely not a captain. I was thinking I’d be a drummer. Like Charlie Watt, since my John Bonham days are behind me.

    They’re behind John Bonham, too, and for quite some time.

    Looked in on Jill at Brilliant at Breakfast and was saddened to learn cancer had taken Mr Brilliant. I had a little touch of cancer seven years ago, but I got over it.

  2. Within a year, Jill lost Mr. Brilliant and two beloved cats. It was as awful as you imagine. Then she sold the Jersey house and moved to North Carolina, near her sister. I suspect at some point, she’ll start another blog.

    Dude, dude! If you have a gmail address, use it.

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