You Can Swim the Sea

A sign says NO PARKING ANY TIME. Whimsical paint stripers have laid down NO PARKING yellow paint in front of the sign.

It’s funny what you can see when you’re not really looking. Pete was driving through our tiny town and noticed the paint stripers had striped paint where no cars were supposed to park. But no cars were supposed to park on that side of the street, which you surmise from the sign saying NO PARKING, so do not park there. But also do not park there because because the corner is nearby and you will obstruct visibility for other drivers, who also should not park there. For all of these reasons, do not park there. I don’t know how Pete failed to drive off the road, laughing.


3 responses to “You Can Swim the Sea

  1. Sooooo, don’t park there? Did I get that right?

    Turned 65 a couple days ago. I’m on Medicare and eligible for Senior Discounts. You have no idea how sad that makes me feel. How’s your hip?

    Life in the MD is okay, I guess. Did something I have never done before last September: hated my job so I just quit. Couldn’t take it anymore and just quit. Decided that, after working straight through the past 40+ years of my life, I’d take a few months off, not some half-assed two week vacation, and concentrate on Dawn and I (and the cat). That was followed by a melanoma diagnosis a week later, a medical emergency for my mother in Florida a week after that, necessitating my flying down there, followed by melanoma surgery (successful…melanoma won’t kill me…is that really success), followed by flying down to Florida a week later for nine more days because my mother relapsed and spent another week in the hospital, followed by Dawn going on a trip with her sister a day after I returned because it was booked way in advance so why not, followed by her returning an both of us getting her Covid (women, ya know?) and being kind of sick for two weeks, followed by New Year’s Day. Yay!

    Well, mom is recovered and back to being a pain in the ass, Dawn and I are recovered, the doctor said they got all the cancer so no worries, and now I have been shipping resumes for three weeks.

    Other than that Mrs Lincoln, how was the play?

    And how are you and Pete and the menagerie?

    (Don’t let the email address I left fool you. I have a couple of different ones on gmail for different purposes, including this one which is for anything to do with Google accounts).

  2. O, and Hallelujah! Maryland finally legalized recreational reefers. We will only be permitted to grow two plants per household starting in July (like I’m waiting that long to get my seeds in the ground or like I’m really only going to grow two plants) Finally I can get my sleeping meds (insomnia since childhood) without being a felon.

    I don’t know if you still use that email addy from that unnamed school, but that’s what I have for you, so send me an email with a current addy and maybe when we go north to visit friends you’ll be one of them. Maybe not. We’re pretty tricky, Aurora and I (her name disguised to protect the guilty).

    Whatever was done is done, I just can’t recall

  3. Mr. DBK: last I knew, you were grappling with Minnesota Nice. Somehow, I missed a chapter of this story. Expect email.

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