Comic Book Characters Never Get Old

As it happens, sometimes no actual belief in oneself is necessary for stuff to turn out spiffily. Yes, I made that up. Bite me.

Is it possible?

Pete makes bread in the bread machine all the time, but that involves slicing and I cannot resist an oblique angle. My slices always look like they came out of a homemade mitre box. So rolls seem like a better form for me than loaves. This is my second attempt and I expected to learn some new and exciting ways to sort of fail. It might look like I dropped the dough in coffee grounds, but no. That’s finely diced fresh herbs from the garden because fresh herbs in bread? I want to eat that.

Apparently, it’s possible!

I got lucky. In a couple of days, I’ll try again. If I can duplicate my results, my experiment will prove sound. Also: I can stop running around the dining room, shouting, “SCIENCE! neerrrr neerrr neerrr neerrr SCIENCE!” That is driving the cats quite mad.