Watch Her Watch the Morning

It hasn’t all been sunshine and roses at our house since the adorable kitten arrived. Sweetpea gazes off into the distance, so I am aware that she feels all tragic. I cleaned up protest poop right outside my bedroom door before my first cup of coffee this morning, so I know some of the people who are cats still have FEELINGS about this KITTEN SITUATION. But protest poop was not the development that tied me in knots. No, that was turning a corner and seeing Topaz stretched out on the porch with her fur a frizzy mess.

What's all this, then?

What’s all this, then?

Suddenly, Topaz, recently 6.3 lbs., was strangely thin and motley. I followed her around, holding bowls of food. I tried brushing her with Sweetpea’s brush, but Topaz squawked and stormed off to her room. Finally, desperate, I tried brushing her with one of my hairbrushes and she let me. It seemed to feel pretty good to her, so then I was following her around with the hairbrush and bowls of food. Topaz is still skinny, but her fur now looks mostly black again with a few thin patches. Pete remembered that when Sweetpea came to live with us Topaz looked like someone had plugged her electric rollers into a car battery.

So things are looking up, but I’m going to need more bowls.