Cathy to Heathcliff: Your Number’s Next in the Deli Line of Death

Don’t like the title? So sue me. Last night, I pulled up Blogger on the home mac and promptly abandoned my – excuse the pun – post. After I went to bed, Larry, a small black cat bent on stealing your soul, walked all over me in a particularly vigorous attempt to get me to play with him. From across the room came a bright light: the screensaver went WHOOSH! and up came the bright, empty Blogger screen. Alas, I failed to keep the appointment and the ghostly light served as an untimely taunt.

This morning, we send off a pile of interesting books to the Middlesex County Adult Correctional Facility, including the Brothers Karamazov and a few LeCarre novels. If nothing else, the shipment should inspire paranoia and gadgety ways to deal with it.

I have no car. Life is so punk rock when you’re cabbing it around New Brunswick.

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