Casting the First Stone

Ugh. Once again, we have in our midst a soul-stealer. This seems to happen to my tough social circle about once every year or two. We welcome them in and next thing you know, we can’t agree on what happened, only that that person’s got to go. Unfortunately, the friend to whom that villain’s attached doesn’t seem to realize the girl’s a bully and only in it to do harm. Well, the girl made a move on one of our children. Everything turned out all right, but nobody gets a second chance at that maneuver. For my part, I’m perfectly clear on how when I see her again, she better keep her distance.

I say ‘when’ and not ‘if’ because the girl’s coming back until her friend among our friends hasn’t gotten the picture and will continue to bring her around.

All this seems like an IQ test I flunk on an annual basis. I’m too tired for crap like this.

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