Star Bright and Sparkleplenty

I was going pretty crazy with a car that smoked like a house afire, though I really didn’t drive anywhere but to work and home again. Still, it’s unnerving to sit at the corner of Lewis and French with a car fuming and passersby shouting my car was about to burst into flames. Yesterday, Paulie bought me a simple little blue thing that’s – well – a convertible. I would’ve bought it myself if the credit union had been opened, so now I owe him a little cash. I’m a nervous, conservative driver, but it happened that a dreadful accident occurred between the dealership and the house. So, I had New Car Bootcamp on the way home. Yikes! It wasn’t the worst thing that could have happened to me. For instance, Paulie and I could’ve left the house twenty minutes earlier and been IN the accident that wrecked New Brunswick all day.

It’s Fourth of July. Our neighbors have entertained us with small fireworks shows all week. If we have to move out of this neighborhood in the fall, I will really miss the great Latin music rising up from the backyard parties, the random Roman candle shows and abundant barbecue smells every weekend.

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