Re-pressurizing the Cook

Paulie’s leaving for Spain tonight. Yesterday we had an intense day of errands. Today promises to be just as full of verbs like PACK and CLEAN and FAX. On Tuesday, I’m getting the beginnings of braces, which will hurt a bit, and I’m thinking of orthodontia as my new weight loss plan. If all I can eat is pulverized fruit, I’ll be a twig in no time!

As part of my scheme to get myself off the couch and back on track, or pick a new track and shrug at the conductor, I shuffed money until it pinched and bought a new PowerBook. This means that even on the couch, I’ve got no excuses for not writing. Mamie stood between me and the Apple store salesman like a U.N. translator and said, “Yes, you need that,” and “Nope, that’s too much for you.” The salesman seemed shocked when this peculiar interaction resulted in a purchase. Also, I refused to let Mamie buy another toy. In the car on the way over Mamie said, “Whatever happens, don’t let my buy any more iPod toys! That’s not in my budget.” After we left, she said, “Thank God you were there or I would’ve lost my mind and bought that thing.” So I bought her a Slurpie.

Last night, when we finally sat down for the evening, Paulie and I saw Auto Focus, about the life of Bob Crane. Greg Kinear is a very, very good actor. That story, though, felt like a two-hour slo-mo train wreck. I wasn’t wild about the ride.

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