White Noise, Black Out

The Olympics are on, and I’m about as obsessed as a spectator can be without a restraining order. My family is like this about certain sports like gymnastics, track & field, and diving. Beach volleyball has been unbelievably great.

Tonight, the scoring on the parallel bars is a minefield. Heads should roll.

Paulie’s back in Glasgow. Mamie’s back from Pennsic War, where she says the weather held most of the week, then the skies opened. When things dried off a bit she pack up a day early. I was a bit relieved.

Despite the lateness of the hour on a weeknight, food smells waft in from outside. Today, I polished all the wood in our apartment I could reach, Swiffered under things, wrote a little causerie for Altrok. That’s really enough for one day.

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