High Dive, Low Land

At last, some men’s springboard diving at a time I can see it. Also, my bathub’s clean, and the spare email account’s cleaned out. That last task I’d put off for over a year, so I’m truly relieved it’s done.

So anyway, today seems like marking time until something happens. I’m trying to make myself some peace and quiet but I feel the push of tasks in the offing. If we get to move, can we do it? I am uncertain I have the strength to move house, but I’d like to be moved in a we-already-did-that sense. I want grass to mow and a garden to plant. I want dirt to plant. I want herbs to water first thing every morning, and tomatoes to baby in the afternoons.

It’d be nice to be able to have parties again.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll walk over to the credit union. Another small adventure.

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