Want This, I Want This

Week 3 Friday Morning Report

Goal One
I an down from my original heft in the neighborhood of 1.5-2 lbs. I can’t tell. I am old, the scale is far away, and those little lines are teeny.

Goal Three
Nope. No time for yoga. I exchanged this for a massage. I was having real trouble with my right leg. My friend Beryl is a massage therapist. She and I haven’t seen one another nearly enough so it was a fine chance to get naked in front of my friend and, you know, catch up. The good news is the pain in my right leg has almost completely disappeared.

I am wearing the small pants! This is good and bad news, bad news first: my rump, while smaller, is still more than 20 lbs. above a good weight for me, which has nothing to do with what insurance institutes say is a good weight for my frame. Even anorexic, I couldn’t get within 15 lbs. of those weird estimates. Even an anorexic gets the point sometimes.

The good news is that I’d started noticing my arms floating around, away from my body like I was wearing swimmies all the time. For the first time in my weight yo-yo life, I’d developed chubby arms. Because I’m exercising every day, the fat-muscle conversion is happening – too slowly for my taste, but it’s happening. Earlier this week, I noticed my elbows resting next to my waist. When I walk, my arms feel like their normal selves again. This morning, I changed the department’s water bottle.

My mantra is “The answers are in the body and exercise is always the way there.” I am a genius! I’d taken today off and forgot, so I’m sitting at my desk instead of arguing with Larry, the little black cat bent on stealing your soul. So I’m not a genius. I’ll settle for being a slightly smaller fool.

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