A Spell On You

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be working at the family store for a week while my sisters and their mom take a much-needed break. It’s good news for me, too. The setting is peaceful, the fragrances tranquil, the music ambient; what’s not to love? I have one complaint, though: I’ve listened to all the store CDs, and I haven’t bought many new CDs recently. I’m bored. Help me out!

For the store, my favorite CDs are Cocteau Twins, Sarah MacLachlan, Seal, Dido, Miles Davis,Talk Talk and singers who aren’t singing in English. At home, my tastes are different and they don’t mix well. I found this out when I was gift-wrapping something sharp and Jeff Buckley was wailing about fucking someone and I stabbed myself with someone’s birthday gift when I realized why the customer was staring at me with horror. So. I can pick up three or four CDs. I can pick a lipstick to complement ABBA Gold.

What CDs do you recommend?

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