To A World That Others Might Have Missed

Our little boy-pack digging holes in sand at the edge of Lake Arcadia.

Anya paddling the two three-year-old boys, Ezekiel and Sandro. What you can’t see is Daria standing on the dock, freaking out. She is very protective, and they were too far out on the water to meet Daria’s immediate protection needs.

Anya and Corinne taking the boys on a grand adventure. We should have dressed the boys up like pirates or Revolutionary War soldiers.

This only looks like a picture of scenery. Actually, Anya, Corinne and the boys have paddled around to the channel behind the island and this is a picture of them being invisible.

These are my freedom-loving toes, overjoyed to be free in the cool sand. My toes and I agree: shoes are not our friends!

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