And I’m Singing Once Again

Last night, in the Virtual Bar at Shakespeare’s Sister, Marked Hoosier introduced the assembled to the utter horror that is Celine Dion covering AC/DC’s You Shook Me. I responded pretty much as you might expect:




Right, so I pretended to be everyone’s pet zombie, but only if I could have a pink collar with a little bell so I don’t sneak up on birds. Any exposure to Celine Dion makes me want to kill myself but I forgot all about the tasty brains of the living until this afternoon, when I stumbled on a terrifying cable offering called Bake Decorate.

This is not food. This is what happens when you stop listening to your body whisper sweet nothings when filled with fresh fruit, vegetables and high quality proteins. This is what happens when you hunger for illusions. This is what happens when you think green beans come out of a can. Don’t eat this! It’s disgusting! And while I’m ranting, what the fuck is wrong with people that they teach their children that white flour-sugar-butter combinations are even better with sprinkles and goddamn frosting? Why not just hack open their little rib cages and spackle their arteries with yummy lard?

Some things just aren’t good for us, like Celine Dion and food with all the nutrition magically sucked out and replaced with fat and sugar. That stuff’ll kill ya. Then again, some thngs offer gritty nourishment and kickass sustenance, like Melissa Etheridge climbing out of her presumed deathbed to show us how hard you can work at being alive. It’s just a cover song. It’s real and filling and raw.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go chase some delicious birdies.

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