Moon Shadow Moon Shadow

It’s my whole family, by gum.


Daria: Mom learned a new word today and she really liked it.
Tata: What’s happening here?
Daria: Mom learned a new word: furfuracious.
Mom: Furfuracious!
Tata: How are we spelling this?
Daria: F-u-r-f-u-r-a-c-i-o-u-s.
Mom: It’s a good word.
Tata: I’ve never heard of this word. What’s it mean?
Daria: It’s kind of like fur, squared. And we thought you should know it because you have two cats.


Mom: I learned another word yesterday and it too was a really good word.
Tata: Fascinating. What was it?
Mom: It was a very good word and I can’t think of it right now. It started with S.
Tata: So many of our best words do. Can you describe this word?
Mom: It started with S and it was a very good word. Daria, your dictionary is in the same place?
Daria: It sure is!
Mom I’ll just go look it up.
Tata: Did…did Mom just take the two-year-old and head off to read the S-section of the dictionary during Thanksgiving dessert?

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