My Little Home On the Hundredth Floor

Take it from a mean old bat: some of the coolest words in the English language are My sisters have a toy store! Pete loves the Angry Little Girl dolls and adds them to all the displays. We now have an Angry Kim doll in our living room Pete swears he hears running around at night. I sit on the toy store floor and read the books. When I find five or six I love, I pop them into an envelope and mail them to my grandson Panky. He’s a smart boy. He’s gonna read if it’s the last thing I do – unless the last thing I do is push Miss Sasha’s mother-in-law over the Reichenbach Falls and make an accidental swan dive. Our cats love the finger puppets we’ve casually dropped all over the house. Drusy brings tiny Peter Rabbit to us like a gift every morning. At least: we think it’s a present. It could be a warning to Grover and Stuart Little.

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