Still At Last Your Love

Sweetpea, self-plated.

On Sunday, my brother Todd ran the L.A. Marathon. This is really annoying. What about my needs, hmm? I had no idea he could run a marathon. Neither did he: it was 14 miles farther than he’d trained. You’re supposed to run 26 miles at least once before you line up at the starting line. Also really annoying: Daria’s high school cross country buddies talked her into doing a triathlon, though Daria hadn’t run a step in twenty-five years, but it involved shopping, so one pair of running shoes and three hot athletic outfits later, Daria’s determined. She called me up and asked if I wanted to do the triathlon as a relay – apparently this is a thing, and people do this thing, if you can believe that – and take the cycling leg. While I can pedal until the cows come home on the stationary bike in my attic, that is a distinctly different pursuit than painting on skin-tight togs and elbowing my way through a 15-mile crowd. But that’s not why I’m the teensiest bit testy. No. As a Jersey chick, I was born to elbow my way through crowds in form-fitting clothes. That’s nothing. I’m perturbed because Todd ran a marathon, and Daria’s planning a race, and I cannot picture myself as an athletic spectator. No, my new cartoon goal is a photograph* of an in-shape yours truly holding my barbell captioned THE BITCH IS BACK. What the hell! A year and a half ago, I was soft and fat, but not anymore. I stamp my tiny New Balance cross trainers and insist: if not this summer then next.

Sometimes pigs do fly.

*I am shallow and require flattering gifts from me.

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