Verse Same As the First

Having a bit of trouble with WordPress. This is where blogging is a tap-tap-tap test of my patience: I do not care a gold-plated whit for the technical aspects of programmers’ brilliant creations because they absolutely do not matter if I cannot post, dagnabbit! So after two days’ frustration, I’m back at the drawing board. Here, watch this silly video.

Last night, I was futzing around with a post and published it just to see if I was imagining that WordPress was rewriting my code. The phone rang and Miss Sasha sounded panicked.

Miss Sasha: It’s all letters and numbers!
Tata: Wut-wut-wut?
Miss Sasha: Your blogpost! It’s all letters and numbers!
Tata: Not only that, but I haven’t figured out how to delete that! Wait, don’t you have small children, a husband and an indoor petting zoo to feed?
Miss Sasha: Sometimes, they feed each other. Whoops! I love you, bye!

She says, Whoops! I love you, bye! a lot lately. I don’t mind so long as she calls back later and says something like, Well, llamas spit. What’re you gonna do? because how can I argue that?

Today, Trout cleaned out her closets and brought me a big mess o’ yarn for the cat blanket project. That was nice, but what left me speechless was she also brought a DVD of an ambitious group performance piece from 1995 called Wrongs and Rites. Trout had a video tape. Her Significant Other converted it to the current format for me. Just this morning, I was saying to Minstrel Boy how I despise cowardice and this evening, the Universe called my bluff. Johnny:

This week, I bought a pair of Doc Martens for the motorcycle safety course. Did you know 1995 was 15 years ago?

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